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K J Said,
May 21st, 2011 @3:21 pm  

Sure, they are both highly educated, have clear background checks, and have chosen working with children as a profession-I would hire them. Maybe due to the economy they need extra money. You also state that they have worked as teachers, nannies, and in daycare-Most agencies/employers are quite involved at checking backgrounds in such industries. Also, they state that they work for a parochial school. In New York, do you have any idea how little parochial school teachers make? They seem like great people, I would interview them and see how they fit. The fact the they are willing to work together, removes any alarms rather than if one of the other would be willing to work alone.-Just my opinion.

Peace On Ice Said,
May 21st, 2011 @3:31 pm  

It is not at all uncommon in NY and CA for men to work as nannies, sitters, etc. In other parts of the US it is very uncommon

Being that they are both teachers, and have backgrounds working with children, I would interview them and see what you think. I would strongly encourage you to check and double check all references, run your own background checks and verify all educational accomplishments.

Many people say they have accomplished things that are simply not true…

The best guide you have is your gut instinct.

BTW – My guess is they work together either because he doesn’t want his wife working along in other people’s home, doesn’t want her out alone at night after babysitting jobs or because it lets them spend the time together while still earning some extra money – or all of the above.

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