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Don S Said,
November 29th, 2010 @2:40 am  

Generally it is not respected although Phoenix, and others, certainly want you to believe it is. On the other hand,, an on-line degree is better than none at all. You might look into evening “Capstone” programs, offered by many colleges, which cater to working business people. They often provide credit for experience and schedule classes that work well for full time workers.

Idontknow Said,
November 29th, 2010 @2:54 am  

You can do distance education but, do it through a school that mostly offers campus courses. It is more work though than lecture courses offered by the same school. Employers will assume you did it on campus or won’t think to ask. You graduate with the same degree that those who attended lectures and classes did.

Ron Said,
November 29th, 2010 @3:49 am  

I work with a local marketing company and i am in charge of hiring new applicants. From experience what i can tell you is that typically people with online marketing degrees have less specialized knowledge of marketing and do not perform at the same level requiring additional training. It does not matter as much for sales as your personality is a huge factor. To get a high level marketing position you would typically need a masters in marketing. The reason why it is harder to hire people with online marketing degrees is because those schools on typically teach “marketing” “advertising” and “sales” instead of an advanced degree in “marketing research” “consumer product good” “advertising and promotion”, having an exact specialty in marketing is what makes a applicant stand out as marketing is a very broad and general term. You can check out the marketing company if you wish at

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