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brainfreeze Said,
February 19th, 2011 @7:09 am  

It depends on the requirements of the university and their degree plans. Check each one out online. They usually have their requirements listed for the degree you are interested in either online or in an Acrobat Reader PDF file you can download. Of course, you can contact them and ask them to send you the information.

In my experience, each college requires a different GMAT score, plus it depends on the degree you choose to work towards.

Ranto Said,
February 19th, 2011 @7:25 am  

Nope — you have no shot with just two years experience.

A lot of the top schools will usually let you in with one deficiency — but not more. Your GMAT is good — but a little below the average for the top schools. Your GPA is low for the top schools — but not as bad as some people might think, because it is an engineering degree from a good school. But when you add to the the fact that you only have two years of work experience, I don’t see you getting into any of those schools.

With two more years of work experience and a slight improvement in your GMAT, I think you do have a shot.

munishkuvadia Said,
February 19th, 2011 @7:39 am  

Your GMAT is amazing. It is enough to get you into a top 20 B-school.
I think may be you should get 1 more year of work experience, that will really get you into one of the top 20 B-schools for sure.
I don’t think the GPA matters as much as the GMAT and work experience do.
On an average top 20 B-schools have mean GMAT scores in the range of 660-700.
The average work experience is around 5 years.

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