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Evermore Said,
February 11th, 2011 @2:41 pm  

well we know that with higher education people can develope medicine and machine that improves our lives

our world is better now then in pass times
we have medicine
we understand what causes sickness and how to prevent/treat it
with education comes progress
the more we know
the more better we are….
what kills you is what you do not know
now to your ocmment on oh so great degree
nobody will be at the same level obviously this is life

casmus12 Said,
February 11th, 2011 @2:47 pm  

Well I think it should be everyones goal to aim high in the first place. In high school, people should be on the ball so that they do get that high school degree and they do graduate from college. It is those slackers who dont give a damn about their futures and hope welfare will solve everything that ends up with the lower paid labor jobs. Also, there was a giant immigration spurt from Mexico and a lot of them took the jobs that Americans wouldnt. That is why I dont understand why everyone got so mad because we needed laborers and when they came we try to reject them. Thats the big question here.

Mongol Conqueror Said,
February 11th, 2011 @2:55 pm  

Because thinking will be higher. People will understand what their health insurance is telling them without the insurance having to tell them over and over what to do. Great minds have made the greatest inventions in the history of the world. Not as many uneducated have done so. Having a good education will make everything go more smoothly because then people will be on the same level, instead of some educated highly, some educated fairly well, some educated poorly, and some with barely any, or no education at all. It puts us all on a more even keel.

Action Said,
February 11th, 2011 @3:39 pm  

Education doesn’t always mean a college degree. Just graduating high school will give one the basics to get through life – like balancing a checkbook or knowing some history to help in judgment of current events.

Nothing wrong with flipping burgers for a living, but at least give that person a chance to manage the joint after a few years of experience, you need a high school eduction.

Migilfree Said,
February 11th, 2011 @4:11 pm  

I agree. I am 27 years old and work in the finacial industry. I am currently going to school @ night, but I am really not interested in school or my line work. The only reason I am doing it b/c I feel like I need the benefits and the salary I make. If I could do something like kitchen work or maintenance and be guaranteed benefits and decent living wage I would. I feel I am stuck unless I move away from my home citiy of Boston.

starryeyed Said,
February 11th, 2011 @5:00 pm  

I agree with you.
Educated people, however, know that
to the victors go the spoils
and that Darwin was right- the fittest survive best.
They just don’t find it PC to tell you that.

dlgfdg Said,
February 11th, 2011 @5:48 pm  

I agree, without the labor sector of this country, we would be without housing and the like. We all can’t be lawyers and doctors. Someone has to work to keep this country going. Also, I wonder if 2/3 of our so called educated people could even pass todays test for a high school diploma??? I am willing to say that most people who graduated from collge 10 years ago would not get a 50% passing on the new tests.

sfavorite711 Said,
February 11th, 2011 @6:11 pm  

I don’t think everyone should get an advanced degree. I do not think everyone should get a college education. I think the majority of people will never get a college degree. They will make less money. Now how do we handle funding of health care if most people don’t have “higher paying job”s. We let the free market operate.

Health care will have to be priced so the majority can afford it. That means the unskilled labor jobs will be able to afford it. No not as well as the high end. Before the government became involved with health care the average family was paying for it (who do you think paid for the doctor the first 150 years of this country).

Answer this – why has eye surgery gotten better and cheaper? No insurance covers it, no government program will pay for it but it is cheaper and the quality is improving. How about we try this with some other medical procedures and see what happens.

Carlene W Said,
February 11th, 2011 @6:43 pm  

No, I don’t believe it is practical for everyone.

Jessie Said,
February 11th, 2011 @6:47 pm  

It’s easy for more educated people to say this, they think if they are doing it then everyone else should. There mad that they worked there ass off for what they think other people sit on there ass all day for. They think its unfair and there being bitter, insteading of being proud putting there education to use in understanding and helping other people. Though its crappy to force people to pay for other people who really do sit on there ass, the people who really need it are getting it to, the bad comes with the good and thats just life.

Doc Said,
February 11th, 2011 @7:00 pm  

Generally, the greater the amount of education one posesses, the more money and priviledge they can command. It is a simple matter of supply and demand. I would no sooner go to the kid working the counter of McDonald’s for an appendectomy, than you would to have him teach you an upper level college course. You get what you pay for — the 99 cent heart attack with super sized fries and a seriously botched sugical procedure or the guy behind the podium smacking his chewing gum, scratching his privates, picking his nose and attempting to expound on the concept of “Will that be for here or to go…?”
You stop at 12 years of eduation and get whatever job you can. You stop at 8 on top of the 12 of the other guy and you can tell them, I will accept nothing less than $12,000 for my one hour of services and I’ll be generous and throw in two follow up visits.
So, I’m guesing that you’re so smart and on top of everything, can you tell me what the Phillips Curve is and how it applies (or nolonger applies) to our monetary system? Supply and demand. Pay me $100 and I’ll give you the answer in a nutshell.

StarGalactica Said,
February 11th, 2011 @7:24 pm  

I think that some people who have degrees become overtaken by pride to make a statement like that. I also doubt that they really know much about the broad spectrum of what life is like for the majority of people in our country and others. They usually feel if they worked for a degree and got it (whether or not they paid for it) then others could too. They forget that the world is made up of not only all levels of athletic ability but all types of people in every way and background. Our country would not be enriched as it is or even built if it were not for the skilled immigrants who came to our country and still do who do the labor. I bet some of those people who think everyone should have a degree want a person to tow their car, come when they hail a cab, put their luggage on a plane, clean their table at the restaurant before they sit down, keep their child’t school clean and fix their cars and the potholes in their cities and their roofs and bring their mail and fix their plumbing and sewage problems. I have two degrees and taught all my life and a man who headed our teachers retirement savings put 1/3 of the money into Enron and when it collapsed, he took my medical coverage away. He collected his Ceo departure check which was hefty and then said anyone who wasn’t covered should have saved. My children were on reduced lunch my salary was “so big” half way through my career. I think he was arrogant and out of touch. He was really good at buying artwork for his new building downtown though. I am just thankful I am me and very glad I am not him. I hope one day that we can be a respector of all people. I respect a person who works each day who can get work or at least tries his best to find it.

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