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Mr Answers Said,
June 13th, 2011 @2:47 am  

They don’t, you are mistaken.

Sure, it is called a trade, or skilled labor.

lux Said,
June 13th, 2011 @3:10 am  

its just the way the world works now… college is crucial for a good job. Unless you already have money, or invent something crazy or start a crazy successful business, then college is your only way to a good job

slogirl Said,
June 13th, 2011 @3:43 am  

If you went to a bunch of radio stations with an offer to work for free while you learn the trade, I’ll bet you’d find one willing to train you. A lot of people would be afraid to even ask or would give up after only trying a station or two. A lot of places offer internships, which is what you are looking for. My brother worked in the media department for a major league baseball team one year. He was paid $1000 for the season. He had to work every other home game and got 2 free tickets to the games when he wasn’t working. He learned about the stadium sound system, the in-park tv programming, and did background work for the sports writers.
There are things out there; you just have to look.

sdf Said,
June 13th, 2011 @4:25 am  

college is here to help you. You shouldn’t HAVE to go to college. If you want to do something in your life and going to college will provided you with the information you need, then why shouldn’t you go. The whole college experience teaches you to work better with other people (essential for the real world), it teaches you to think about issues from different perspectives so you can solve them in way helpful to you. If what you’re doing doesn’t require a college education, then you shouldn’t invest in it. But think throughly…

what are you going to talk about on the radio station? How are you going to interact with the people who call in? How do you reach a greater audience and get more viewer contribution? Are radios a lasting source of media? What’s in store for the future if radio is taken over by a new practice?

A college education prepares you all around. A decent job without a college education would probably pertain to something more manual, or jobs that you can learn on the spot. Now, not everyone going through college is going to be a scientist or a historian. Most of them are going to end up working for companies and working on products. But you need an education to get in the door. People who make it without a college education, educated themselves just as much and probably even more by having such motivation. If you have the motivation to teach something to yourself, which most people don’t… you have to learn to trust yourself and have a clear plan to seek what you want. Otherwise, it seems so much easier to follow a path when it’s right in front of you, before you enter the crazy “real world’ that’s not laid out so nicely.

And as we know, not all 90 percent of Ameicans go to college. Only 50 percent go to college and 30 percent graduate. IF you look at the whole world.. only one in one hundred people had the chance to go to college. Take that into consideration.

????? CupC?k? ????? Said,
June 13th, 2011 @5:25 am  

To show that you’re commited.
Btw, You should @ least try and get a certification. <3

PE2008 Said,
June 13th, 2011 @6:03 am  

“Is there a way to get a decent job w/o secondary education?”

Secondary education is High School. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any decent job with just a 8th grade education. Illegal Mexican and Canadian immigrants have taken most jobs requiring just a grade school education.

If you’re willing to take an apprenticeship in one of the licensed journeyman trades, you can make a decent living. Not get rich probably, but decent.

Walton Said,
June 13th, 2011 @6:30 am  

“Successful” depends on the criteria by which you measure it…As someone else stated, a good “trade” will likely provide you stable income equal to or better than going to college (elecritician, plumber, brick mason, and so on)…However the more desireable work for most – that in which you don’t do manual tasks, climb under houses, have your knees go out at 40, and so forth are those that are salaried, and reserved for the college educated. What you want to do sounds like a job that you will most likely need to go to college for, although there are exceptions like Larry King…

Your probably right, you could learn what someone teaches you..But college is a “test” to show that you can learn, and you have discipline, etc…Why would someone take a chance on you having not proven this “learnability” when they have countless other applicants with rigorous college study under their belts, graduate degrees, etc. ? In short, they likely won’t, and you probably wouldn’t either if you were the one doing the hiring.

Stick with college, there will be many, many eyars of work to follow.

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