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Freedle S Said,
December 28th, 2010 @11:08 pm  

It takes the control away from the union and the government. It is proof positive that the teachers haven’t been doing a good job for a long time. The democrats are supported by unions. When you tread on the government education monopoly, democrats don’t like it.


MikeSnake Said,
December 28th, 2010 @11:58 pm  

Have you ever met a homeschooled kid? Weirdos. There’s some things you have to learn on your own kids.

abe frohman Said,
December 29th, 2010 @12:44 am  

They don’t like competition – ie free market.

hookem_hornz Said,
December 29th, 2010 @1:23 am  

1) Teachers’ unions are against most things.

2) Democrats are afraid that home-schooled children might hear about the Bible.

LBJ's Ghost Said,
December 29th, 2010 @1:35 am  

Democrats are not against home-schooling and not all Democrats are against charter schools. In some states, Democrats have fought amongst themselves to try and get charter schools. Teacher’s unions are against competition in their field and they are concerned with the standards required to become a teacher.

Bill Lumbergh Said,
December 29th, 2010 @1:54 am  

Teachers-afraid of the competition
Leftists-hate to give up control over the lives of individuals.

Katie Said,
December 29th, 2010 @2:32 am  

I was taught at home and I feel like I had a less biased education. Probably because my parents let me think for myself and I didn’t learn all the bias history and government that kids learn and spew out from school.

Oh and by the way, I went to a major university AND I have been fortunate enough to not be without a job for more than a month.

I would home-school my kids if I could but I want to work along side my husband so my kids can have a better life than I did. So I will put my kids into a charter/private school (whichever is the better in the area) to see that my children get the best education that we can afford.

dlk Said,
December 29th, 2010 @2:56 am  

Teacher’s Unions, you said it right there!!!! Just as the automotive Unions voiced their DEMANDS, the teachers Union’s do the same. Look at the American automotive industry to date. Same is happening to our public school systems around the country.

J G Said,
December 29th, 2010 @3:41 am  

The Liberal/Socialist philosophy (and the Democrat party is almost 100% liberal now) is that the government is the solution to all problems.

Allowing “rebel” (non-government controlled) education is a threat to this philosophy.

mt_pelion Said,
December 29th, 2010 @4:19 am  

Homeschooling is the bane of the Socialist agenda since it allows parents to do their job and provide education for their children. Since the Democrat party leadership consists of Socialists it makes sense that they would oppose it.

Private and Charter Schools make the public education system look foolish since they can:
A. Provide a higher quality education.
B. Educate each child for approximately half of what the public system can on average.
C.Turn a profit while doing A. and B.

Also, I should probably point out two important aspects of public education that the public is not educated about:
1. The Supreme Court has ruled twice that funding public education with property tax dollars is unconstitutional.
2. Since the Constitution does not provide for a public education system, a FEDERAL public education system (such as we have) is an overstepping of Congressional authority into the domain of each State’s Rights.

EDIT @ MikeSnak:
… Yeah, there are no weird kids in public school at all… I mean, come on, those Columbine kids are the posterchildren for the well-adjusted.
/end sarcasm

Give me a break. You have probably never even met a person who was homeschooled have you?

Sarah W. Said,
December 29th, 2010 @4:32 am  

In the future I would put my own children in homeschooling because public school sucks.

To answer the question, Democrats are anti homeschooling because outlawing homeschooling would force children to go to public school, and in public school liberals can brainwash children into even more liberalism. Plus, Democrats are notorious as sex freaks which want to increase promiscuity and immorality among children, and in public schools Democrats can teach children sex education, which does just that: increase promiscuity and immorality. However I strongly prefer abstinence only education, which is yet another reason why I would want my children in the future to avoid public school, so that I could teach abstinence to them. Also, liberals and Democrats are notorious for being anti God, anti Christians, anti Jews, and anti Bible, and by homeschooling, liberals fear that children can learn about just that: God, Christianity, Judaism, and the Bible. Instead, liberals ban all of this in public schools, which is why liberals want to force children to go to public school, because that way liberals can push on children what pertains to religion without pertaining to God, Christianity, Judaism, or the Bible.

G M L Said,
December 29th, 2010 @5:06 am  

Because it means that the teachers will actually have to KNOW what they are doing and teaching. Dems defend Teachers Unions over children and education since children can’t line their pockets with money.

As for the poster who made that ignorant comment about home-schooled children, their are weirdo kids even in the school system. Every home-schooled child I know is ACTUALLY respectful to adults, helps around the house WITHOUT complaining, and has universities as well as employers WANTING them for their institutions as students and employees because they have a much stronger work ethic than most of their public school counterparts and many of their private school counterparts.

And those talking about teacher salaries, private school teachers make FAR less than public school teachers and yet the students in private schools do far better than public school students.

As for socialization of homeschoolers, most belong to activities of some sort. Oh, and by the way, I guess you who ask about socialization only work in offices where all your coworkers are the EXACT same age as you (give or take a few months)? Yeah, that’s what I thought, as an adult, you socialize with ALL ages.

Bad Company Said,
December 29th, 2010 @5:49 am  

In order to enslave a country, or people, every child must be indoctrinated for several generation.

With good schools and self thinking people it will delay the overthrow and demise of America

December 29th, 2010 @6:02 am  

Because our kids won’t get their required Socialist indoctrination at home school.

maskiki Said,
December 29th, 2010 @6:33 am  

Unions want control and if charter schools are doing better and teaching kids better, public schools and their union members will be out of a job.

More government, more government workers, more people who have a vested interest that the party in control is the party that helps keep them in business. Democrats.

Tom B Said,
December 29th, 2010 @7:30 am  

Home schooling is not opposed by democrats, the California laws do not ban home schooling, they simply require a certified teacher to be the educator. In order to be a qualified teacher, you simply need a Bachelor’s Degree and a teaching certificate, nothing unreasonable.

They do this to stop us from having more idiots in society that are being educated by some bored parent who isn’t qualified.

Roy E Said,
December 29th, 2010 @8:08 am  

Because you might learn something!

T C Said,
December 29th, 2010 @8:57 am  

Who said we fear home-schooling. The kids still have to meet local standards to be sure they are receiving a quality education and not merely some indoctrination that leaves them unprepared for the needs of the future.

Remember all the best public schools in America belong to the same teachers union. Americas childrens education shouldn’t be left up to the cheapest possible education. Teachers already are on avg a low salary career choice, and further weakening the workers rights of a middle class section of America whose expertise is the foundation for the backbone of Americas youth is hardly a battle worthy of Americanism.

da_zoo_keeper Said,
December 29th, 2010 @9:36 am  

It has nothing to do with the kids, it’s all about money and control! Mostly $$$! Home-schooling takes $$$ out of the coupher’s of the Dem’s and doesn’t necessarily let them CONTROL your MIND the way they want to!!! If the name the curriculum, they you are controlled, if not, then heck, you might actually learn something!!!!! Go figure!

ducky Said,
December 29th, 2010 @9:58 am  

teachers are NOT against charter schools.
2 of my 3 boys go to a charter school and
the teachers are very happy there !!

Democrats are only against BAD home-schooling
and so are most Republicans

home schooling is fine if the parents can do an acceptable job of teaching

just me Said,
December 29th, 2010 @10:57 am  

Most importantly people need to learn how to socialize that is one form very important. Another thing: Children can literally be abused in many forms if the only attendants are just MOM & POP! I really do not know if Democrats are against home- schooling I do not that if a person does anything we want to make sure a person is not abused by people who could take advantage of the situation.

Tracey Seth Said,
December 29th, 2010 @11:11 am  

Whenever a child is enrolled in public school, that means more money for the school from the state and federal governments. When you have fewer students you have smaller funds.

While most educators and union members are against charter schools in principle, what they are really against is taxpayer funds going to these schools that are generally more rounded and actually get the job done fo rless money. They know that once the public coffers are open for parents to actually choose where their chidlren will be educated, then they will really have to teach in a way that attracted students to their school based on merit and not on “entitlement” for a tenured teacher to keep their jobs.

Charter schools funded by taxpayer dollars are real competition and teachers aren’t used to the idea of actually having to work to keep their jobs. Why do you think tenure is so sought after?

Becca Said,
December 29th, 2010 @12:07 pm  

I believe your additional comment hit it on the head. Also public schools are doing such a shotty job teaching with the behavioral problems. When you home school you do not have to worry how they are being treated and taught.

P.S. To the person that said Home Schoolers look like wienies. There are a heck of a lot of wienies now.

Sweet Pea Said,
December 29th, 2010 @12:12 pm  

I am a public school teacher and a conservative Republican so let me share my two cents with you.

Teacher’s unions are made up of public school teachers. Public schools are the ones funded by tax dollars and are required to teach every child. They can’t kick them out if they don’t do their homework or follow the dress code. Public schools also have all of the children with parents that are NOT involved in their child’s education. They don’t join the PTA or help out in the classroom and sometimes don’t even come to parent-teacher conferences.

Charter schools are private in that they are run like a business. They usually are hostile takeover of a school that has poor performance on the standardized tests. They also typically don’t have union teachers and the teachers that used to teach at that school (before it became a charter) are not out of a job. Another big concern is that some states want to give the taxpayers a voucher toward a private (charter)school. That takes money away from the public schools.

I have NO idea why democrats are opposed to homeschooling other that for the fact that the Right Wing, Religious Republicans are STRONGLY FOR IT. And we all know that they can’t get along or agree on anything. :)

God’s best to you!

High Mountain Rider, We find em. Said,
December 29th, 2010 @12:28 pm  

You are taking away there trolls. Your weakening there base.
That is a No No. Where would they dare send there union
teachers. Why NO where. What a shame.

contrarycrow Said,
December 29th, 2010 @1:00 pm  

I took my daughter out of a public school after her teacher told her that her parents were going to hell for not being Xtian.

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