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Bob Said,
December 16th, 2010 @10:22 am  

They are all good schools. The trouble is they are located in one of the most screwed up, expensive cities in the world.

Lili Said,
December 16th, 2010 @11:15 am  

Georgetown is the school with the top reputation, and admissions there are competitive. This past year, Georgetown accepted only one out of five applicants. GW took over 30% and American accepted 44%.

So, his best chance is at American, since his test scores and grades are not at the top level.

Your brother should know that you cannot study law on the undergraduate level. Law is a postgraduate degree in the U.S., and there is no pre-law major or set of courses. He can major in anything he likes and still apply to law school some day.

Saul Franco Said,
December 16th, 2010 @11:55 am  


You should try this website

As far as I know they are the best college finder online, and they are free (no hidden fees).

I really hope that helps

Rena Said,
December 16th, 2010 @12:41 pm  

I was accepted Early Decision 1 at GW (George Washington University), and I start here in a few weeks. Honestly, the admissions process seems more or less the luck of the draw. I came from an extremely small school that didn’t offer AP courses period, and only got a 25 on my ACT (GW average ACT is between 28-30). But I made up for my average ACT score by being an officer in 3 major school organizations, and keeping a 4.0 throughout high school (I was valedictorian).

From my experience though, the chances of getting in Early Decision seem MUCH higher, especially since your application is pulled from a smaller pool of overall applicants versus waiting until the other 10,000+ students apply. Plus there are some great benefits if you are accepted Early Decision (first dibs on the dorm of your choice etc.)

Just make sure that you have good letters of recommendation and well written essays for your application. Georgetown would be the most difficult to get into! The admissions process is MUCH more competitive! He probably has an equal chance of getting into GW and American, especially with his ACT score being a 29.

Good Luck!
Hope this helped! :)

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