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Jack of All, Master of some. Said,
January 3rd, 2011 @8:58 pm  

online schools = VERY EXPENSIVE

traditional brick and mortar schools = fraction of the cost

jannsody Said,
January 3rd, 2011 @9:12 pm  

Please only consider traditional colleges (including community colleges) and steer clear of those online, for-profit schools (though may be ‘accredited’ and may have ‘brick and mortar’ buildings) such as penn foster, ashworth, devry, university of phoenix, kaplan, ITT tech, sanford brown, argosy, capella, everest, remington, ashwood, walden and others as they are merely out to ‘make a profit’ (and course credits may NOT transfer to other schools): and can search.

For US colleges:

Andy Said,
January 3rd, 2011 @9:39 pm  

State schools have programs that can be done mostly online. Stay away from “For Profit Schools” They are not well respected, extremely expensive, and generally a waste of your time.

Joss Said,
January 3rd, 2011 @10:28 pm  

Depends on which degree you’re looking for. Once you decide on which degree you want to pursue, look into colleges that offer that degree and start narrowing down colleges that offer online classes and see if any offer that degree online. Then narrow your options down to cost.

I agree with the first poster; online classes are more expensive than being on-campus (I’ve taken both). I have no choice but to take my degree online because my university only offers it online. The university that I’m trying to transfer to also only offers the degree I want online. I learn better face-to-face and in a classroom, but others can handle it online, which can be more challenging.

I go to a private university that’s for-profit. Nothing wrong with it, as long as the education is the same or better as you’d get with any other uni. My university is very respected in the community. Steer clear of people who tend to over-generalize their answers, because chances are they’re wrong or misinformed.

PE2008 Said,
January 3rd, 2011 @11:09 pm  

In almost all cases, the best, most recognized, least expensive, degrees are from public, or not-for-profit private, schools. Generally, the best online degrees are from “brick & mortar” schools who happen to offer the same degree on campus and online. There are several purely online colleges/universities in North America with a moderately good reputation. These include:

Athabasca U
Excelsior College
Western Governors U

In general, it is better to get a degree on campus, or through blended online/on campus programs.

Stone Said,
January 3rd, 2011 @11:28 pm  

You have not specified here that in which field you want to earn degree. So, it would be better if you look at the complete list of online degree programs may it be associate, bachelor’s or master’s here and choose the one that you desired for.

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