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Helene C Said,
February 23rd, 2011 @8:34 pm  

They are angels who work like dogs.
A special education teacher needs to be able to multi-task be organized with paperwork, capable of implementing behavioral strategies for students and provide instruction to students who are on mutli-functioning levels. Most of all you need to be creative and be able to work in chaos the first few months of the school year.
Students who are blind typically receive services through a visually impairments teacher who can consult and guide the regular education teacher in the public schools. This is most helpful because the visual impairment teacher will have the ability to set up resources such as books for the blind and programs available for afterschool.
Students with austism teachers need a strong background in applied behavior analysis and use techniques such as visual cues (pictures/words), schedules for students, established routines, use timers or provide verbal prompts for ending activities. Students who have autism really benefit from structure. Learning environments need to be quick but multiple changes in the activities need to occur building in “structured down time” to reduce stereotypical behavior.

I am at a loss for students with down syndrome since I do not work with this population.

alybr Said,
February 23rd, 2011 @9:11 pm  

I am not sure of an y websites that will explain what special ed teachers do… but I can tell you that you will do a little of everything. I teach the MIld mental disabilities class at my school and I have mildly mentally retarded students as well as autistic and SLD students. On a daily basis I teach content areas at the functional level, I implement many behavior strategies that keeps the students going as well as giving cues for this as well. I am also a social worker to my students and their parents, I play the part of the psycologist (spme of the time), I am a guidance counselor, I also have all of the paper work that regualr ed teachers have, but wait theres more. IEP’s and the meetings that go along with this, explaining to others who don’t want to service the sped students implementing accommodations and making modifications.

It sounds like quite alot of drama, which it is but….I don’t think that I would do anything else. THe love that you get from the students and the rewards that you get when you see them actually GET something that you have taugh. It dosen’t get any better than that. :P

Hope It helps.

jabegall Said,
February 23rd, 2011 @9:42 pm  
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