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iam Said,
January 15th, 2011 @2:37 am  

Yes, she definitely has the right to get services. You have to be very assertive in the meeting because many times the participants do not tell you what services are out there. It costs the school district a lot of money to serve special needs children and they do not always volunteer the information.
If she has hearing problems and this is affecting her speech, she should have speech therapy plus the services for hearing impaired. Ask for an evaluation! there might be more issues that can be identified with different evaluations by the school. Insist!
Check if there is a parent information center in your area and contact them for more information. Remember, time is precious. the earlier she starts getting the services she needs the better off she will be.

helpnout Said,
January 15th, 2011 @3:04 am  

She should have a speech assessment to receive speech therapy through school, speech therapy is one of the ‘related services’ children are allowed to receive under IDEA (individuals with disabilities education act). She is also entitled to audiology services as a related service under IDEA. Under IDEA they must also consider ‘special factors’ which includes if the child has communication needs, the IEP team must consider those needs; if the child is deaf or hard of hearing, the IEP team will consider their language and communication needs. This includes the child’s opportunities to communicate directly with classmates and school staff in their usual method of communication (for example, sign language); The IEP team must always consider the child’s need for assistive technology devices or services.

You may want to look into accommodations for her..this link is to an accommodations manual. With her hearing loss, she may be able to get a variety of presentation accommodations but also some response and/or setting accommodations. This manual includes the following:
modifications or alterations vs. accommodations; documenting accommodations on a student’s IEP or 504 Plan; questions to guide accommodation selection; each type of accommodation ( presentation, response, setting, timing and scheduling ) and what can be used for that type of accommodation; which students can benefit from accommodations; examples of accommodations based on student characteristics; Do’s and Don’ts when selecting accommodations; guidelines for administering specific accommodations; questionaire to identify various types of presentation, response, setting, and timing and scheduling accommodations for students with disabilities (purpose is to prompt members of IEP teams and 504 planning committees to consider a wide range of accommodation needs); questionnaire to collect information about needed accommodations from the student’s perspective; logistics planning checklist (can be used in the planning and implementation of assessment accommodations for an individual student); & accommodations journal (journal lets the student be in charge).

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