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Reoriented Said,
May 15th, 2011 @3:22 pm  

An important first step would be to narrow the scope of the project. For option two, narrow it to a middle income home school situation for 1st grade (or something equally as narrow.)

For the first, narrow it to a how-to for high-school journalists to get published in the town paper.

By narrowing the focus, you are now talking about something more specific that you know about.

For either, look for publishing in on the web on existing sites that will accept your contribution. This will give you presention guidlines in addition to the school guidelines–again narrowing what to do to something more specific.

By minimizing style and content requirements, you can focus on saying what you have to say.

Lorrie Said,
May 15th, 2011 @4:07 pm  

Also if it is going to be Accelerated pace .. it could be for “gifted” students. Usually the practice of acceleration is for gifted students (ideal because child can learn at their own pace)
Gifted students often require less time to learn and need less repetition of same activities or practice.
Thus the acceleration part.
Also acceleration refers to working at a higher equivalent *grade level* than the child’s actual age in years.

I know that Singapore Math (has a proven track record) and the students have higher scores as compared to united states courses of study, for example.

You would really Really need to limit it to ONE small comparison. Such as Singapore Math Curriculum versus such and such popular math curriculum in united states.

How about just comparing regular paced studies with accelerated studies?

Is retention just as high with fewer lessons, shorter lesson plans, but more rich, concise text than equal content spread out over longer time period with more exercises, worksheets etc.

Same content but one is shorter in length with fewer assignments and work. One is longer with more assigned reading and work.

Otherwise it could get really out of control.

Limit your scope of your project whatever you choose
good luck

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