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Michael H Said,
January 19th, 2011 @3:06 pm  

Since everyone can’t learn at the same rate, special education was created to help the “disabled and slow learners” keep up with their “normal peers” by giving these children the extra help they need (one on one help) that they would not have received otherwise. By helping the “disabled and slow learners” with their education, all children are thus given a equal chance of an education and future. I have multiple disabilities (including a learning disability) and I had teachers that simply did not want to be bothered with me because they viewed me as just another “Retard” and “Waste of time and money” due to these disabilities that I had. If it had not been for my special ed teacher I would have dropped out of high school where I would have been just another statistic and probably stuck serving fries to a bunch of punk kids at the local McDonald’s. But instead of dropping out, I graduated high school where I later went on to college, graduated from college with highest honors with dual degrees in Computer and Electrical Engineering, working as computer specialist, and now is even considering about obtaining my Master’s Degree in Engineering just so I can prove to everyone that “People with disabilities (learning or otherwise) can actually do more in life than clean up after the ‘normal people’ of society”.

Sherlock Said,
January 19th, 2011 @3:44 pm  

section 504 of the rehab act of 1973

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