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Terras Said,
November 25th, 2010 @10:37 pm  

Advertising? You’ll want a Masters in Marketing or Business. If you’re looking to get a cubicle job and you’re not in engineering, getting an MBA is always a good idea. Heck, it’s a good idea even if you’re an engineer.

D Duncan Said,
November 25th, 2010 @11:31 pm  

I agree with Terras. A marketing, business, or even a MBA would be good selection. But, I have one other suggestion, especially if you are thinking about advertising in radio or tv. I would also look at a Master’s program focused on Mass Media Communication, which would give you technical and business knowledge to deal with multiple avenues of advertising. By the way, congratulations on your B.S. in English. With that, I think you already have a strong foundation in advertising, learning the history of language. I have a B.A. in Business Administration. All of my marketing classes largely consisted on learning how to communicate to others and taking lessons from the past on how merchants communicated to patrons. Language has always been at the root of business. Best wishes on continuing your education!

Duquesnechica Said,
November 25th, 2010 @11:52 pm  

You have a few different options… I work at an agency and there are folks with an English bs here. I also have a masters but I completed it for me – advertising industry doesn’t compensate more for the degree itself.

The important thing in Advertising is to get yourself some experience – particularly internships and apprenticeships. Do you like to write? Try copywriting… or get a general internship in account management. That experience is invaluable to break into the field.

Also, I appreciate liberal arts education more so for me… just my personal opinion for how I like to learn. My bachelors is in Psychology and in Communication Theory while my masters is in Corporate Communication/Rhetorical Theory. I started in advertising with my BA and finished my MA on my own… Good Luck!!

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