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soho Said,
February 27th, 2011 @7:21 pm  

An econ degree (or the equivalent coursework) is essential to go the pure economics route and work as an economics analyst at a thinktank, for the government, etc. It’s helpful but not necessary to go the more “business” route and work as a finance-related professional, e.g., accountant, banker, consultant. For a business job, taking business courses (e.g., corporate finance, accounting) as part of your degree not only looks good, but is very practical, too.

If you’re not interested in a job that’s pure economics (e.g., an analyst), you could get a degree in something else (perhaps something that interests you more?) and do the relevant coursework in business/economics for whatever profession you choose. In fact, for certain positions/companies, such as finance, you could be more attractive as a job applicant if you have a degree in something completely different (computer science always looks good, foreign language if you work for an international company) with a business/econ concentration.

But lastly, having good grades is equally if not more important for opening up your job opportunities right after university, so study hard! And good luck!

Giggly Giraffe Said,
February 27th, 2011 @7:31 pm  

Economics is a good career; providing you have the passion and a vision.

The government has macro economic positions while corporations have micro economic positions. However, the corporations usually prefer a duel major with other attributes like: Law, Accounting, and/or Management.

Seek your school counceilor and have them search for economic careers. Study the job descriptions & qualifications and see if any of these brings out your passion. You can visit government postions at: to give you guid on the macro economics.

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