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esmerelda Said,
March 8th, 2011 @10:35 pm  

Every school is different. Go to the website of one of the colleges you’re interested in and look up the info, or call the Admissions office.

manic.fruit Said,
March 8th, 2011 @11:33 pm  

This does depend on what school you attend, but generally, for a degree in English you would start with a year or two of GECs (general education credits), which may include:

-math classes (maybe pre-calc and one calc class)
-physical and biological science classes
-social science classes (psychology, anthropology, sociology)
-history classes
-a foreign language
-writing classes
-and a few classes of your choosing from other topics

Then, having completed the GECs, you take classes in your major, and perhaps some in a specialization you choose. So, generally, you take 1-2 years of a variety of classes, and then higher-level classes in your major, which should include classes on creative writing, poetry, writing from different periods of time, etc.

tjmuvimakr Said,
March 9th, 2011 @12:22 am  

First you have your core classes which are things like history, written composition, sciences, math (note: in my college, we are only required to take one math class), speech, psychology or sociology, intro to computer, and a couple of literature classes.

Then you have your major focused classes (I am currently taking English/Language Arts in my second degree, so this is my field of study as well). In your major classes, you have advanced composition, linguistics, literature for young adults, instruction of composition, creative writing, and other literature/composition classes of your choosing which could include in-depth studies of World Literature, Shakespeare, Milton, rhetoric, Chaucer, Oral Tradition (oral literary history), and even classes dedicated to various styles of poetry.

This will kind of give you a general idea of classes that you will be facing. Now if you plan to teach in a primary or secondary school, you will also have to complete several education classes to complete that part of your degree.

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