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Meenakshi Said,
March 8th, 2011 @10:32 am  

Bachelor’s in Arts will take you into track.

Yaa, Psychology is a good subject to take your career on.

All the best.

Michael Said,
March 8th, 2011 @10:55 am  

I think Psychology would be the best choice, but you may also want to look into Sociology, as they often have social work classes. You may also want to look into a social work major if they have one.

Good luck.

epiphany Said,
March 8th, 2011 @11:52 am  

Yes, Psychology would be the best choice. You can technically choose a few majors but Psychology is the best. (especially with all the budget cuts the schools have been having it’s really hard). I know SFSU has a MA in Counseling as a follow up to Psych majors (me) and that is the most direct and fulfilling course I would imagine.

roslyn30 Said,
March 8th, 2011 @12:43 pm  

It is- but school counseling takes all majors in most states. You need to check state requirements. Psych is a great start, though, it’s relevant and will help you if you decide to become a counselor.

CoachT Said,
March 8th, 2011 @1:28 pm  

Very many school counseling majors (usually an MEd) and almost all states require a teaching certificate. Some require teaching experience.

An MEd/MS/MA in school counseling is not the same as an MA in Counseling or Psych intended for community/public counselors. Counseling and Guidance (school counseling) is also not the same as Educational Psychology.

An MS in Education (Counseling and Guidance) is offered at CSU Bakersfield, Dominguez, East Bay, Fresno, Fullerton, Long Beach, LA, Northridge, Sacremento, San Diego, San Fran, San Luis, Sonoma (MA), and Stanislaus. Others may have the program as an ed major concentration.

Each program has admissions requirements online. SDSU, for example, is at

Take a look at some of those and see what they really expect of applicants. What friends and family “think” is required isn’t always the same as what these colleges actually require.

You might rather concentrate on the psychology undergrad before planning your professional career – especially since all professional positions in psychology/counseling are going to require at least a master’s degree. You may find, as you work through your bachelor’s, that there’s another specialty you’d rather enter. The specializations within the field are vast.

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