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creativlyclngd Said,
April 13th, 2011 @11:03 am  

A doctorate is a PhD (PhD = Doctorate of Philosophy). It is a four year, research based degree. A master’s degree is primarily coursework and is usually earned after the first two years of graduate work. To earn a PhD, you must produce original research of publishable quality. So for many, a PhD is much much harder to earn than a Master’s degree.

seanC Said,
April 13th, 2011 @11:17 am  

Master’s Degrees are generally attained after two years. Ph.D.s come after that if you want to do research/teach at the university level. Depending on your school and program, a Ph.D. can take an additional two to four years, sometimes longer. The idea is that with a Master’s, you’re asked to show that you can do the work that would be required of you at the next level. The Ph.D. on the other hand asks you to actively contribute something new and significant to your field.

There are other kinds of doctorates, specialized by field.

Think of Ph.D.s as academic doctorates, as opposed to, say, legal doctorates, veterinary doctorates, medical doctorates, etc.

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