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Tammy Said,
May 5th, 2011 @3:23 am  

Terminal is the last degree in that particular major. You can get a MA in Spanish but that’s non-terminal; the terminal degree for Spanish is PhD.
But it’s different for each country. USA’s terminal degree for Fine Art is MFA; whereas in England, there exists a PhD in Fine Arts.

Taranto Said,
May 5th, 2011 @4:21 am  

Terminal just means it is not designed for those who want to go on for a higher degree. Therefore, all PhDs are terminal.

Most master’s degrees are not terminal — since you can go on for a PhD. However, many professional degrees are designed to be the last degree you get. These include MBA, JD, MD and many engineering degrees.

Just because you have a terminal degree doesn’t mean you can’t go on in a different (possibly related) field. I got a PhD after getting my MBA. Some MDs go on for a higher degree and get a PhD.

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