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Johnny D Said,
May 15th, 2011 @7:21 pm  

Masters means that you have a degree that states that you have “mastered” the curriculum for a certain area. This gives you the capability of TEACHING that material to others. Teachers all have masters in the courses they teach. Bachelors is the degree that everyone receives after a 4-year undergraduate education depending on your major. It can either be “of the arts (B.A.) or “of the sciences (B.S.)”. Both just depend on the major you completed (If you are a biology major, you would get a Bachelors degree of the sciences for biology). Associates degree is the degree people receive after completing a 2-year college (Usually community college). The bachelors degree is of more importance that an Associates Degree. Ph.D. is a doctorate. That means that you receive this degree after completing GRADUATE school. So you need to get a degree from an undergraduate college, move onto graduate school and then obtain this degree. The degree means that you have a expertise in a certain area, and you will legally have the surname “Dr.” People who conduct research or are leading certain fields of study usually have these degrees.

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