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Ray Said,
April 24th, 2011 @10:36 am  

Graduate student applicants are evaluated by a committee of professors from the department(s) that will accept or reject the application. Since professors involved in graduate programs usually have a heavy workload in research and graduate student directing as well as some teaching duties, they will not waste time interviewing students whom they feel would not do well in their program. A quality graduate program will have many more applicants than they can admit. Also they will not admit students whom they do not feel will contribute positively to the reputation of the department and the professors guiding them. So if you get invited for an interview, you have a good chance being admitted if you do a reasonable job of presenting yourself as someone who will be an asset to the department. References are of primary importance in the selection process – not only in the wording of the reference, but also in the academic reputation of the individual giving the recommendation. Professors at the graduate level of universities are familiar with the work and reputations of (and often know personally) the other practitioners in their fields of expertise.

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