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Paladin Said,
April 21st, 2011 @3:00 am  

an endorsement is just an add on for a specific topic and the school that hires you should help you get it

here in Arizona, EVERY teacher now needs an ELL endorsement

MamaB Said,
April 21st, 2011 @3:03 am  

Here in Colorado where I teach it is like this: I have a teaching license, but I have “endorsements” for the subjects/grades that I am qualified to teach.
Specifically, my endorsements are for Elementary Education K-8; and Educationally Handicapped K-12.
The endorsements are determined by my state department of education according to my transcripts. I have enough credit hours to be qualified for elementary ed (my original BA), and I completed enough classes in special education to earn the endorsement for EH.
It sounds like your license would include an endorsement for Secondary English, but unless you have taken a certain number of hours regarding specifically teaching ESL (english as a second language) you don’t get that endorsement.
I am not sure if the ESL (or TESOL) endorsement is required by law, but I do know it is preferred.
Hope I helped.

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