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Teacher Man Said,
April 5th, 2011 @6:59 pm  

From KittyCat:

Depends on where you’re trying to go and which program are you trying to get into. Here is a breakdown of GRE averages based on graduate Fields (scores are 200-800)

1. Life Sciences- Math:568 Verbal: 464
2. Physical Science- Math:694 Verbal: 491
3. Engineering- Math:721 Verbal: 474
4. Social Sciences- Math: 548 Verbal: 484
5. Humanities and Arts- Math:549 Verbal: 541
6. Education- Math: 521 Verbal: 450
7. Business Math:570 Verbal:444

Depending on what program you’re going for, schools can concentrate on one score more than another (ie Engineer programs might not worry as much about your verbal score as a SS department).

In general:
Anywhere in the 700′s is great for 1st trier schools
600′s is very good. Will get you into certain programs at very good schools
High 500′s is good
low 500′s and upper 400′s is about average

Becca Said,
April 5th, 2011 @7:37 pm  

The guy above did a pretty good breakdown. There is even more on ETS website. I just took the GRE in sept. and don’t have my scores back. Analytical writing, that is.

I just bought a Barron’s book, and did practice exams from there and downloaded from ETS website. I studied 6 weeks.

verbal 450
math 500

after study (my actual scores)
verbal 660
math 710

I’ve been out of school a long time, so review was very important. I studied mainly the high-frequency GRE words, because there’s no way to memorize all of them on the lists. I would recommend taking lots of practice tests.

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