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crazycatlady Said,
March 22nd, 2011 @3:04 am  

I assume that you mean that you got a 6 on the writing portion of the GRE. If you did that’s great. As far as a good GRE score on the analytical section…it depends on the program that you are wanting to go into and the school that you want to attend. I would check with the programs you are interested in attending. You could have a score that would be considered good but still isn’t high enough for the program you are wanting to get into.

thatgirlatstate Said,
March 22nd, 2011 @3:54 am  

A 6.0 on the analytical writing is a perfect score. Honestly, if you’re about to be a college graduate, you should be able to score a 5 or 6 on that section. That said, the average score is closer to a 4.

Your writing score doesn’t count for too much unless you’re applying to a writing intensive program (i.e. English, History, etc.).

As for retaking the GRE, here are a few things to consider. First, your old score will still show and the schools you apply to will see it. Schools are supposed to only consider the best score (whether it was your first or second test) but don’t think that they don’t see the other one.

Most students who retake the GRE receive either the same score or lower. We had a student take the test, then pay for a 6 week prep course, retake the test and score several hundred points below his first score.

A lot of what is on the GRE can not really be studied for (in regards to content). You can alway work on the math portion since the higher your math skills, the better you will do on the math section. But, the verbal is more difficult to study for. Basically, the verbal is supposed to be comprised of things that you should have picked up throughout your years as a undergraduate.

Other than studying a zillion vocabulary words, it is difficult to study for the verbal section. My advice: Save your money and time and just go with the score you received. Unless you were deathly ill, got no sleep and forgot your reading glasses at home on test day, it’s not likely that retaking it will do much good.

Finally, the GRE is only one small part of your graduate application. Most schools will consider the score but does not usually make or break you application. A few schools look for an average score (1000 combined) but most are flexible if the rest of your application is strong. Good Luck!

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