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Zikiru Said,
May 2nd, 2011 @2:59 pm  

winchester-most people from Egypt haven’t heard of the internet? Wow, is this how americans think? Egypt is pretty modern dude.. I think you’re thinking of Ancient Egpyt. LOL

Ashley H Said,
May 2nd, 2011 @3:01 pm  

how is this question racist? come on dude, get real.

teeleecee Said,
May 2nd, 2011 @3:09 pm  

It is always interesting to me that when a topic around human rights pertains to women only, it’s dismissed as a cultural practice that North Americans have no business discussing. Yea, the systematic rape of young women in the middle east; infanticide of females all over the world, self-immolation in India….just cultural practices. We have no business interfering when women are dying and being mutilated just because they’re female. When do we have the right to “interfere?” How much mistreatment is enough, do you think?

In any case, as long as this issue is tied so intricately to religion, there will be problems with its eradication. The ones who need to be educated in this case are the women. It is generally mothers and grandmothers who perform the “surgery” because they’re responsible for the chastity of the girls. Education for those within the culture and outside of the culture is always the best way to get people to pay attention.

LadyLeatherneck Said,
May 2nd, 2011 @3:53 pm  

I read in a book about this woman who had FGM performed on her when she was 4 years old. She talked about how horrible it was and how she was in such excruciating pain. She said it hurt and upset her to see Western women mutilating themselves by getting breast implants and liposuction, etc. She said that she didn’t have a choice but we do and that if we wanted to make a statement that western women should stop mutilating themselves. I found her perspective on the whole thing very interesting. Made me think about things and put them into my own perspective.

Some of these “justifications” for FGM are just ludicrous. I am often appalled by stories like the woman I read about. Human rights are NOT racist beliefs. The belief that women should not experience pleasure is ancient. Women should not have to endure this kind of trauma just for being born female. No matter what country this occurs in, it is still inhumane and disgusting, no matter what kind of religious, cultural, or traditional umbrella you try to hide it under.

“It is always interesting to me that when a topic around human rights pertains to women only, it’s dismissed as a cultural practice that North Americans have no business discussing. “Teeleeecee, you make a REALLY good point. Outstanding, thank you.

666666z Said,
May 2nd, 2011 @4:37 pm  

It amazes me how a lot of of the anti feminists on this forum blame bad things that happen to women in this country on feminism, but they don’t mention what happens to women in countries where there’s no feminism.

aceyducey Said,
May 2nd, 2011 @5:12 pm  

This movement had what most successful movements have, a leader who continues over many years and enlist the aid of those in power as well as those who are the main stream. Mrs. Assaad can take much of the credit for ending this barbaric practice.

Possibly exposing the practice to the light of day, many people can see it for what it really is, a patriarchal ploy to rid women of their enjoyment of sex. This is why I don’t wear my glasses when I go into my kitchen, once you can see something clearly, it’s harder to ignore that it is a problem. (I don’t want to clean the kitchen!)

I am also against circumcision for boys, by the way. It just doesn’t make sense to cut off a perfectly good foreskin.

I’ve always advocated clear, explicit instruction on sexual practices in school. Not just the “abstinence” based curriculum. There’s no abstinence based information being taught in the culture. The misinformation has to be countered in the schools and homes.

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