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Canadian Bacon Said,
November 28th, 2010 @3:22 pm  

I think I speak for most people when I say that you can never get the same learning experience by reading from a computer screen as you would being in a classroom, interacting with students and professors, and having other resources available to you.

There isn’t really any such thing as “most accredited”. There are accreditation organizations for qualifying as a university in general, as well as lots of subject areas. When you’re looking at a university, you should check to see which accreditations the program you want to enrol in has to make sure it is recognized to a high standard.

As far as online education goes, Athabasca is an excellent choice. It’s public and non-profit just like any other reputable university in Canada, and the quality of their education is very good. At least, as good as online can be.

You’re better off trying to move here sooner and doing your degree the traditional way.
Or you could also contact some Canadian medical schools and ask them what their admission requirements would be for someone who got their Bachelors degree in another country. That way you might be able to study where you are now, then move here for med school.

Sophia Said,
November 28th, 2010 @3:56 pm  

Currently, online and distance learning programs are looked down upon by most everyone and certainly by most employers. It is impossible to tell if you actually learned anything or did the work yourself, and it means you may not be able to actually interact with other people in an intelligent way. The degrees from online schools are not as respected as from normal schools.

If you are trying to learn medicine and science, there shouldn’t be any schools that offer those online programs anyway. You need to be physically in a lab to learn those things.

PE2008 Said,
November 28th, 2010 @4:15 pm  

Apparently you are Polish. Be aware you will probably not be allowed to move to Canada unless you already have some professional qualifications.

You also will be be given any consideration for a place in Canadain Medical Schools unless you are either a Canadian citizen or well-established landed immigrant.

Your entire scheme is not realistic.

Athabasca is among the best of Canadian (and North American) purely online universities. However, inline degrees do not have the same reputation as on-campus degrees.

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