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TeacherLady Said,
May 26th, 2011 @2:49 am  

Assuming you’re in the United States, you would need to get dual certification in basic education and special education. Each state’s requirements are a little different. For example, once you have a teaching certification Florida allows you to take tests to add certifications without any coursework, but other states require coursework before you can add areas to your certificate.

You’ll need to decide if you want to get a special ed degree or regular ed degree. If you want a regular ed degree choose the subject/grade level you want to teach, like high school history or elementary ed and get the degree related to that grade/subject. Then, if your state allows, you can take the ESE test to be certified in special ed.

If you’d rather go the special ed route get your degree in special education (different colleges have different degrees – Varying Exceptionalities, Autism, Preschool Handicapped, etc.). Then you’ll need to take a subject area test to add on a certification to your certificate. You’ll need to be comfortable enough with the material to pass the test.

There are pros and cons to both ways of doing this. In special ed classes you’ll typically learn more about behavior, testing, and paperwork. If you go with a subject area degree you’ll learn more about the content, and it might help you more if you want to do anything outside of the field of education.

You could also do a double major, major and minor, or get your undergraduate degree in one area and do your Masters in another. I would urge you to get your Masters as soon as possible, because you will earn more if you plan on staying in education for any length of time. There are also grant programs to help teachers get their Masters degrees, especially if they want a Masters in special ed. You’d need to talk to the Financial Aid office at the school you’re interested. Also check with the education department at the school you’re interested in. The head of the department can guide you towards the programs you qualify for.

Good luck!

justmeinthisworld Said,
May 26th, 2011 @2:57 am  

depends on teh job

there are jobs for high school graduates
2 year degree
4 year
or masters or doctorate

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