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•Vanessa• Said,
June 12th, 2011 @2:52 pm  

it depends on you. If you can put up with cocky kids in high school than you can do that, but if you prefer better behaved kids do middle, they listen more because in high school the students feel like they can do whatever they want and don’t have to listen to the teacher “7

sweetychabot Said,
June 12th, 2011 @3:19 pm  

Well, middle school- students may not pay much attention to tell you the truth, they just want to have fun and be little kids who want to get away with everything, not wanting to learn and have their friends laugh at them for getting into trouble. High school, more students will listen and learn because they’re accepting the education that they are given to get on with their career.

lillie_girl_2000 Said,
June 12th, 2011 @3:49 pm  

I have taught both.

Middle school students are still very childlike, no matter how big and mature they may look. Sixth graders still like you and will try to do things for you, but lack skills and maturity. They may get frustrated and cry if they do not easily grasp a concept. Seventh and eighth graders tend to be little kids going through puberty where their social life is the center of their world. If you can figure out a way to teach them via their social networks, then you really can reach them.

High school students are a bit more mature. High school is where you see the “great divide” of whether a student is destined for college or for a life of working with their hands. They are tracked and taught in different ways.

I do suggest that you get a job as a substitute teacher and then visit both types of schools. Both types of environments have their plusses and minuses.

amanda Said,
June 12th, 2011 @4:21 pm  

my point of view…i think middlel school students are usually immature. highschool students are more responsible.

Timelady Said,
June 12th, 2011 @4:25 pm  

Middle schoolers make me want to drink. :(

Just A Girl Said,
June 12th, 2011 @4:32 pm  

I’m an english teacher too, with my masters in creative writing and literature. I’ve always taught secondary.. grade 9 and up and I absolutely love it. I try to avoid talking to most of the middle school teachers.. they always seem to have something new to complain about. I feel really sorry for them. But anyway, let me tell you some of the pros and cons of teaching high school;


Students that are capable of discussing subject material on an intellectual level

Essays that are really enjoyable to grade (and sometimes blow you away)

I generally find that secondary teachers have more control over their lesson plans and classes tend to be less structured (can be seen as a con or benefit I guess)


Students that think they are God’s gift to earth (although I suspect this might be even worse in middle school)

Maintaining board standards (ensuring that x amount of students obtain a pass or better in your class)

Very long hours, the senior years are when most students decide to ‘turn it around’ for themselves and constantly need reassurance that their work is up to standard

Good luck! I hope this helps. I’m sure either environment will suit you, just choose the one that interests you more.

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