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Deja Vu! Said,
May 21st, 2011 @2:40 am  

…none – now your teachers wait to see what “you will do for yourself” in Life…

Bob Lablaw Said,
May 21st, 2011 @3:07 am  

You’re wonderful, amazing, fantastic! Keep it up.

Stefan Said,
May 21st, 2011 @3:14 am  

Well, if you wanted to do what’s close to your heart, then you did nothing wrong. It seems like you’ve did the right thing for yourself. You fought for what you thought is the right thing to do.

If you are sorry for you political career and asking where you did wrong, there are few things that come to my mind.

It looks as if you are not able to see the reality of the world you were/are living in. To be more precise the world of politics, politicians, where and how political power is distributed and who makes the political calls.

I’m not a politics person myself, but I think politics has more to do with “the grey area” of human relations. As in business, the real discussions and deals aren’t made at a summit or an official conversation in front of the press. Rather they are made over dinner or in private offices.

When you have certain power, its logical to think in which way you can straighten your current position so you begin attracting a group of people that will work in your interests and vice-versa. This groups` interest is to do the things that are in its interest and protect the interests when there is a threat.

Lets say you teachers are this kind of group. They have the same job, they are colleagues and they organize themselves as a syndicate. They protect their interests, among which politics is perceived as something bad (for them or their students). Being aware of this fact, you persisted opposing them by continuing with your political activity and then even start an investigation against “third class teachers” which again does not really work for them. Having the power that they had, they might have influenced their students and therefore you lost your career.

Students and teachers are closely intertwined, there has to be communication among them so that the educational process would exist. What you didn’t realize is that while you might have represented a part of the student body, it was the teachers who had power and they were the ones that make the last call, even to decide whether a student will have a political career or not. Opposing them was probably not such a good idea I guess. Maybe it would have been smarter to follow other student leaders` examples or have a close tie with some of the teachers maybe?

This is why in my country the student leaders are usually the right hand of the universities` administration. If they oppose them, they won’t have a career at all. That’s kind of sad because students have to organize themselves independently to gain rights, but that’s the reality.

I think politics is a special kind of a chess game where not every field is black or white, although it might seem like that from outside. Figures are more connected and depend on each other even more than they themselves want to admit. In order to play the game successfully, you have to have a sharp eye to be aware of their interests, see those hidden relations and most importantly you have to be aware who has the ultimate power.

What you might lack is social intelligence skills. Search it up on the net and maybe you can find something useful to read up on it.

geyamala Said,
May 21st, 2011 @3:48 am  

you should have continued the battle against religious fascist organizations.
education in India
has become commercial good and one of the avenues to make huge money.
instead of making the pupils rational, the present day education system in India is making them as staunch believers of religions, whose tenets are dogmatic.
it is making students addicted to pubs, obscene movies.

In Truth there is Love Said,
May 21st, 2011 @4:37 am  

The mistake would be to stop now. If you managed to find a way to help your students in lateral and vertical thinking, there is nothing wrong with it. It might had been something very beneficial for your students from India. In Neuro Linguistic Programming language we say to this Logical Levels and Chunking.
If you choose the highest word we have in our language, which is the name GOD for your work, I see a problem with this as it is just not right. You cannot say, God sais, when he did not say it.
If you look at the concept of your life, what is life a part of? The gift of development. Then if you want equivalent concepts on the same logical type, chunk up and list examples of members of that class. So members of the gift of development are life in the form you let it up to now, and other ways of living life. So the choice is yours.

What happens if we lie? What is a lie a part of? Wrongdoing. What other wrong doings can we do? Talk bad about others, think evil, hate etc. etc. What is a part of a lie? Turning things around so it suits us. Saying something untrue. What is this a part of? It is part of the lie and what is a lie a part of, it is part of wrong doing. And what is wrong doing a part of, it is a part of working against God’s Will.
This would be the onliest thing to consider.

But we all make mistakes and I could be totally wrong in my assumption.

If you truly want to help the students in India, why would you give up? Learn from eventual mistakes, which we all make at times, then think how you can make it better and use all your knowledge and work to do something of worth with it. The insights will come if you realise the wrong you did.

Good luck and I do not say I understand you, as the way you presented your concept is not for the culture I come from, but might be adapted to the culture you live in.

pujaran Said,
May 21st, 2011 @5:21 am  

I read your article and i liked it but the last sentence that your teachers have ruined your political carrier show that you have made a mistake by misjudging your teachers ….no body can stop or can make your destiny it is in your hands and it depends on your will power.

Anita Said,
May 21st, 2011 @5:58 am  

Hats off to you. You are indeed a great teacher. I wish your message reaches every other teacher across the globe -
- Do not over-instruct students and use them as dumping grounds.
- A good teacher is one who can stimulate a thought process and thirst for knowledge in the student’s mind

Once again, well done!!

Psyengine Said,
May 21st, 2011 @6:35 am  

Life is the education. What are you going to do now? Push the false notions impersonating history off their foundations.

wacky_racer Said,
May 21st, 2011 @7:08 am  

Being out of political situation is just like living in an ideal dream. You could not judge people of being who they are on things that they hold with on your being. In reality, management needs a political skill to put yourself with them as who you you want yourself to be recognize but make sure you’ll have the space to know whom you are dealing with of what you want to be dealt with. Political maneuver is within the leadership but political intellect needs not any skills but just knowing the truth is enough as on what to do of the situation… which will make you get in touch of the truth within your inner truth that you desire.

So, what you need to do is realize of the political truth to deal with of the truth that you see.

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