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HIS! Said,
April 9th, 2011 @3:13 am  

Many people make vocabulary cards from index cards. Even cut them in half if you want to make them smaller, and they go twice as far. Then put one word on both sides of each card. On one of the sides, put some type of illustration, cartoon, or whatever that you can associate with the word to help you remember it. (A visual picture of the word) And put a concise definition on that side. Put a sentence on this side of the card if you want to.
The process of making the cards (a few a day) will help you learn the words. Then go back over the words as often as possible. You want to get to the place where you can look at the side that has only the word, and see the picture in your mind which will help you with the definition. You don’t have to “memorize” the exact definition. You just have to understand the meaning of the word.

Keep making cards from the suggested vocabulary list until you get them all made. Keep reviewing and reviewing. Take some of them with you for times you have a few minutes to grab while waiting in line, etc.

Don’t give up. It’s worth the time and trouble you’ll have to go through to get this.

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