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Cowgirl_Up Said,
December 17th, 2010 @10:50 am  

Umm are you crazy! you have an amazing resume!!!! if you want to know more about your chances though sign up and complete a profile on and then you can click on those colleges and it will tell you what your chances are.

Justin Said,
December 17th, 2010 @11:00 am  

With those grades and activities, you shouldn’t have a problem getting into any of those schools. Choosing the right school is the hard part. Rice is a very good school that demands a lot from their students and if you live out of the state of Texas it’s easier to get into Rice for some reason. Rice is also a very good school because of its location. If your not a big city type of person, it wouldn’t be the best choice, but the job market is great in Houston and the people in Texas are the friendliest around (born and raised in texas) . Your GPA isnt low at all, schools look at the rigor of your classes and they take into consideration of you having AP and Dual Credit classes. Good Luck!!!

Phil Said,
December 17th, 2010 @11:49 am  

You have a lot of information on here. It seems like you should be able to make it into most of the colleges that you’re applying for.

If you are seeking other information you should go to and search each of these universities and see how you stack up. Make sure you check to see that these colleges have the major that you want to study. It’s also a good idea to take a tour of the campus if you haven’t already.

I’ll provide information for you on Rice.

Rice Information
1. Accepts 22% of their applicants
2. 99% of first year students graduated in the top half of their graduating class
3. The middle 50% of first year students who submitted their ACT scores were in the following range 30-34 (44%)
4. The ACT writing is used for admission into the college
5. A note about the college’s admission requirements: High school course selection and performance, test scores, teacher and counselor recommendations, extracurricular activity, and application answers/essay most important

I think you should be able to get into Rice. Just try and make yourself different from all the other people who apply. That’s where you can sell yourself which should allow you to get into Rice.


Charles Nhut Quang Vo *********** Said,
December 17th, 2010 @11:55 am  

all your interests are good universities. If you can finance, you should go to Cornell or Rice. But i recommend apply for UCLA

Brown EYED Said,
December 17th, 2010 @12:53 pm  

No SAT II???? You MUST have these to apply to UCs!!

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