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Angel Said,
December 16th, 2010 @6:24 pm  

Considering my stats were pretty similar to yours I can tell you from personal experience you’re already accepted to UCSB and UCR cuz of that whole thing about automatically accepting the top 10% of students. I’d say you’ve got a pretty good shot of getting into UCLA, U of Chicago, and Ohio, Berkley is probably you’re toughest bet. If you’re majoring in Business may I also recommend Stern School of Business here at NYU, not only because it’s my college but also because it’s one of the best business schools in the nation.

Eyeshield 21 of S33k3r C0unc1l Said,
December 16th, 2010 @6:27 pm  

UCLA and UC Berkeley are way above the other UCs. You should have a very, VERY good chance at all the other colleges.

UCLA and UC Berkeley, your chances are somewhat low, like 29% chance. You would be golden if you had some other passion (academic) besides soccer. If you do, your activities sure don’t show it.

(THE) University of Chicago is godly. Way hard hard. Very low chance for you. Maybe 10%.

Considering how you didn’t mind openly admitting that you think your race has a part to do with admissions, I don’t think you would be offended if I said that being black lowers the expectations for academic rigor and test scores (and if you are offended, I’m sorry, but I’m giving my point of view and the truth here, so my fellow Yahoo! Answerers can go thumb me down and stay ignorant).

The decent personal statement is your final chance to make a difference. Don’t be lazy with it. Get your English teacher, hire professional help (I do not mean have someone write it for you, but look for people who have been admission officers before and have them guide you in the content of your writing), do whatever it takes. The statement matters.

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