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Vibha Said,
December 12th, 2010 @12:58 pm  

For working professionals and students put up in places that are not well connected on account of dearth of transport facilities, Web Technology role in Distance Learning is final and ultimate approach to meet the learning requirements. Hence, today, online coaching has become a lucrative career. Continuing educating oneself at one’s own place, pace and time is the best way to succeed in life and fill in the spare time at hand.

Nicole Said,
December 12th, 2010 @1:43 pm  

Web technology definitely plays a great role in distance learning requirements, business meetings, in education centres etc. The main reason is it saves travel time & cost which in turn meets any organization/institute’s ethical responsibility to reduce carbon emissions, it improves information sharing thru hi-tech collaboration.

Through such technologies children can easily see colorful, movable images and diagrams even from the back of the classroom & combine different types of media instantly and simultaneously across multiple locations. Touch-screen technology allows immediate changes to spreadsheets, database queries or text documents.

I work in an MNC and we use such technologies for group meeting, training our foreign counterparts, sharing information and it complete replaces physical meetings making it easier to save money and time. You can see many such software solutions on Smarter Interactive website and can know many other benefits of web technologies.

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