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Rachel Said,
March 30th, 2011 @3:26 am  

I don’t think any answers will let you know if this is the right profession for you. Go, volunteer in a classroom, spend some significant time with students in the actual environment. This will let you know soon enough, I promise you.

-Middle School Teacher

S Said,
March 30th, 2011 @4:24 am  

I agree with Rachel…as an Elementary teacher the best advice I could give you is finding a teacher that would be willing to let you go into there classroom. Teaching is hard work but very rewarding. You will never make a lot of money, have to deal with angry parents, spend a lot of your own money of resources for your classroom, and work a lot outside of school (grading, preparing etc) but if this is the right career for you all of these things become less important and trying to educate a teach achild is what really matters.

If you want some questions when I was in college we had to go and observe and some questions I asked my cooperating teachers were:

What is the most/ some rewarding things that you find as being a teacher?
What are some of your challenges that you face? Hardest things about being a teacher?
Describe a typical day
How do you deal with angry parents? demanding?
Why did you become a teacher?
What keeps you teaching?
What are three (or whatever number you want) things you wish you knew going into teaching your first year that you didn’t learn from school or student teaching?

those are some things I thought of…otherwise google what to ask my cooperative teacher? questions to ask a teacher?

x3Stephernee Said,
March 30th, 2011 @5:19 am  

Ask them why they wanted to become teacher and why the enjoy doing the job they do.

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