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Colin B Said,
December 27th, 2010 @9:14 pm  

It should not be a problem if you don’t go to any countries that are on bad relations with the US. As long as you don’t go anywhere like China, N Korea, Libya, Iran, etc. you should not have a problem. They only other thing that may be a problem is if you get involved with a foreign national who may have ties to those nations. As long as nothing you do links you to a nation like that then it won’t be a problem.

Mark B Said,
December 27th, 2010 @9:37 pm  

It will not be a problem. That is normal life. It can be a positive for some Gov’t jobs. Just be honest on your security clearance. They will ask if you are in contact with any foreigners and if any have asked for something related to your Gov’t job.

Many Gov’t jobs that require a clearance want you to have language skills in other countries.

It will only be an issue if you are constantly traveling to Amsterdam, Thailand, or countries unfriendly to the US.

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