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duffy Said,
February 6th, 2011 @12:39 am  

If the factorization is obvious, I prefer that. If b^2 – 4ac is less than zero, the quadratic formula is a must. Graphing is my last choice since that is not exact unless you are using a graphing calculator. Even then, it can be just an estimate.

jimbo Said,
February 6th, 2011 @1:11 am  

I like using the quadratic formula because it’s easy just to plug in those numbers, especially with a calculator, and before you know it you’ll memorize the formula.

Justin M Said,
February 6th, 2011 @1:13 am  

The quadratic formula is by far the best because it gives you the exact solution (i.e. 1+sqrt(2) instead of just 2.414 which is what you would get if you graphed it). Also, graphing will not show you imaginary roots which the quadratic forumla will. I would recommend writing a program in your calculator (way easier then it sounds) which will solve the equation based on inputs of a, b , and c. If you set the mode to a+bi, then it will even tell you the imaginary roots.

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