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Ria Said,
March 4th, 2011 @2:57 am  

I am a male and I really glad to know your feelings but I cant understand what kind of Primary reservation at home you are talking about.
1. Today according to Indian law the daughter had equal rights on the property of their parents.
2. After marrige the girls have more right then men.
3. In Chhatisgarh the girls have more facilities then boys in schools.
4. In Politics the females have equal seats In respect to male
5. ST/SC reservations are not only for girls but it is for boys too.

So I can’t understand in what manner you ar comparing.
But I really appreciate your views if the girls fight unitedly for that which is really go wrong in the society then our contry will be the leading country of the World.
I really feel very happy that someone thinks in that respect.
And I can’t understand why these Yahoo Gurus will delete your Question or my Answer.
Anyway Best of Luck

March 4th, 2011 @3:44 am  

Women are worshipped, where Angels reside, was the hymn in Sanskrit.. Yes that was the chivalrous India, and that ended after war of Mahabharata and subsequent invasion from Western Border.

This resulted such that women were never allowed to see the light of the day, inspite of her being the source of life, creativity.

Without going into sad History of India, if we jump directly to Reservation issue,point is why Reservation is being harped upon…word ‘reservation’ was first inserted in our constitution to protect, promote and nurture the weaker sections of society..
Now ‘Reservation’ word has assumed political color

Nature creates 50% females and balance males..
First the Divisive Politics of India has to end.. Multi party Ruling and coalitions in Parliament sees the political interest first, and not the people interest.
This system is ruining the bright chances to bring about the changes and solve the endemic diseases of Population, Water, Education, Employment, Religious Hatred, Housing, Electricity, Environment.

What you aim at is right but the ages will go yet no one will have the daring and time and energy to solve this issue, forget about the Talking, discussing, experimenting.

Multiparty politics demands sacrificing national issues, and appease the minority representations…

IF you recall, Gandhi had promised that Free India will be a Welfare State..and hence , we all have to be single ruler, administrator and communicator, Instead we just imbibed the British Imperial Democratic Parliamentary system. which is a Luxury of rich and educated masses
But we have , instead of uniting , playing the game of divide and rule,
why opposition? and for whom opposition? all are Indian Citizens, all have a say in this land. all are working paying taxes and contributing their might.
But when Power politics is played, the opposition wins once and the rules become opposition, Issues are not resolved

Let the all political parties be single unified confederation of Administrators and the single code of conduct for all civilians will apply, No caste, no creed, no religion no regional no gender bias.

Only the Education and merit will count .. Let each and every healthy Indian of major age be involved in creative work.. No big discussions on TV channels, all are just fooling around and talking the Hangover of the British Imperialistic ways..
Indian Man must have Indian Laws..
Till India is not Administered on a Single code of law, till each state and religion are treated separately , some are favored at the cost of others, the violence, will continue, corruption will continue, mismanagement will continue, a Chaotic atmosphere is gripping already gripped India…

March 4th, 2011 @4:38 am  

80% of food for humans on this Earth is grown, prepared and cooked by women.
It is not just in India that women are second-class citizens and a pariah of society in spite of my first statement, but everywhere in the world, to different degrees. Men think they are more important and need to feel this, because of the power women have that they don’t have, bearing children. This has gone on for about a hundred thousand years and will go on yet longer, but for brave and intelligent women like you, Emily Pankhurst, Fadhela Amara, Aung San Suu Kyi, Sarah Parks and others like them, who take a political stand.

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