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Isotope492 Said,
May 19th, 2011 @2:36 am  

I can answer some of this, but not all.

I would say your grades are good enough. A 2:2 is the equivalent to a C grade, so ‘average’. Also, most universities accept degrees in subjects that are unrelated to teaching. All teaching degrees will interview- this is what will make or break your application (along with your personal statement). If you have already worked with children, that will work in your favour. If you are passionate about education and have read up on current research, all the better.

Many people decide to do a PGCE because they can’t think of anything else to do, and interviewers recognise this and weed these people out as they will not be dedicated practitioners.

What I can’t comment on is the residency aspect. I have a strong feeling you have to be a resident for two years before you are entitled to public services, including reduced fees for education, but I’m really not sure if that will apply to you. I know for positive it applies to women who are brought into the country from Pakistan as brides to British residents, but I’m not sure how the link with the US will affect that.

To get you in the know of British education, try reading the TES (both a newspaper- £1.50 out on Thursdays available in most supermarkets and WHSmiths, and also available on their website) and reading the Teachertv website. Both are very useful. Also, the TES website has forums for teachers and prospective teachers to discuss ideas and problems such as yours. I’d recommend looking there, and joining if you wish (it’s free).

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