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? ?Be Happi? ? Said,
January 4th, 2011 @3:29 am  

You have to make sure they are credited. Some of the real colleges offer online classes, why don’t you check with those in your state and see what you can work out?

chelserz1234 Said,
January 4th, 2011 @3:55 am  

my sister attends edmunds community college online. she transfered from a community college but the problem was that all of her credits wouldnt transfer. I would advise you to look into your college’s online program and go from there, then you wont be losing money by having to take the same classes again. if that doesnt work look into the night classes or the fast track classes where you meet like once per week.

swimbikeron Said,
January 4th, 2011 @4:04 am  

I always recommend that students go to the most recognized college that their ability, finances, and circumstances allow. If you are considering an online degree, consider three things:

Will I learn anything? Yes. Online courses take more discipline to self start on assignments. It’s a matter of whether you can prefer/need to have a live instructor or can read / comprehend independently and email an instructor when questions come up. Your grade will be more assignment-based, so it will generally be more work than skating through lecture halls. Due to the nature of online courses, your in class participation is usually replaced with electronic bulletin board discussion participation on a platform such as Blackboard or ECollege, team projects, or live chats.

2. Will my degree be accepted by my employer or the college I would potentially transfer these credits into? The best thing to do is ask your current / potential employer in advance. On consulting engagements with corporate HR directors, it really depends on the specifics. If you are competing against Ivy League grads for a position on Wall Street, forget it. The most common areas I’ve seen online graduates have success are:

A) They are already within a company, have an excellent track record, and need a regionally accredited degree to be considered for a promotion.

B) The “geographically challenged”. If an employer is recruiting from a pool of applicants in the area (or looking to build a skill set internally), the only choice may be online degrees for certain skills or training. Think Idaho / Midwest.

3. How do I tell if an online program is legitimate?

Make sure any program you enter is regionally accredited. Regional accreditation shows that the school has passed a review process that will help ensure that your credits will transfer to other schools and that you are eligible to sit for licensing exams.
Check here before you enroll:

Some are not accredited and are academically meaningless such as Almeda, Kennedy Western (Part of a Senate investigation), Warren National University, Rochville University, Trinity Southern (awarded a degree to a cat), etc. For a long list, visit:

Friend F Said,
January 4th, 2011 @4:10 am  

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