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Youza Said,
December 28th, 2010 @5:18 am  

Aww, man, I wish I knew the answer to this question to help you. I hope you find what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, I don’t know that any online college offers a computer upon enrollment. However, if you cannot afford a computer, there are options like renting one from rent-a-center, or making low monthly payments from places like Gateway or similar companies.

On another note, I know that when you enroll in Universities in Germany and other countries in Europe, they almost always give you a free computer, very low tuition, and housing. If moving to another country is feasible for you, you should do it. Education in other countries is generally much better than American.

William Said,
December 28th, 2010 @6:08 am  

Each school has its own rules about it. You can compare their rules and students feedback here –

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