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skjoldborg Said,
November 14th, 2010 @2:37 am  

I am not sure there is a specific study done on this. How would you structure such a study? You could do it based on a questionaire to see if there is among your friends a link between time spent and grades but that would at best be anecdotal evidence.

I would suggest that there are several effects:
Waste of time in sense of spending time on sites (such as this one) when time could be spent deeply immersed.

Lack of proper level of concentration. There is nothing that substitutes for deep concentration with, say, a mathematics book, a pencil and some quadrille paper. Asking around for answers in online forums even when the right answer is provided is worse than useless. The point is seen to be getting the answer right or writing a good paper when it should be YOU writing a good paper and YOU taking the journey through a math puzzle.

Quality of info online (including this site). The quality of forums, say, is pretty bad. Even Wiki is at best a reference to get some broad idea about what books to seek out.

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