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Woodrow the Basehead Said,
June 7th, 2011 @2:49 pm  

LOL–”lame human tape recorder” Yes its a joke. Part of my job this year is actually recording conversation for an English textbook. “Hi, John!” “Hi, Rodney! Sure is hot today!” What a fkkking joke.

Look for international schools in Big Cities. What you are asking for difficulut to find it, so start in big cities like Nagoya, Tokyo, and Osaka. is laways a good place to start.

Ellen Said,
June 7th, 2011 @3:17 pm  

sweet that’s cool there are many good quality schools in japan there are colleges in veternarian care and in the culinary trade if thats what you want to do with your life I hope that you make it in anything you do!:) LOL

wuzaracer Said,
June 7th, 2011 @4:10 pm  

Two options
I sent my sons to ASIJ, American School in Japan and Sacred Heart International School. Both schools served the international community, expats and corporate transferres. The schools are accredited by the Western Schools board of Accreditation. That means, the cirriculum is up to US department of education standards. And parents who enroll their kids there are assured the level of teaching is up to par with schools in the USA. They look for teachers with about 5+ years of educational experience to teach subjects and classes just like you were back home in the US. The bonus part is you get to live and work in Japan. The next bonus is, you will be teaching students who will appreciate your work.

The other option is to look for the JET program. This is much better than the eikaiwa route. Since your Japanese is already very good, you can even apply for the international relations coordinator position. This is a job that requires high Japanese skills along with some international relations building skills.

I had the same quest during my college days also. I have a Japanese friend who was a High School English teacher and the swimming coach. I asked the same question, could I seek proper employment with the school. He basically told me in a very Japanese way, that it was impossible. Gaijin are not hired as core cirriculum educators, Gaijin are usally hired on English teaching as a supplement teacher to the Japanese staff. So I went to corporate route….

Batty Mei Said,
June 7th, 2011 @5:05 pm  

International scool or Temple University.

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