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dancing_smurf Said,
May 4th, 2011 @6:47 pm  

There is a chance provided that the university provides a PhD program in biochemistry and statistics. Also if both of you are not US citizens then both of you will need to qualify for student visas. Your best bet would be the larger universities with a large student population. Typically universities with large student populations tend to be state schools.

AMF Said,
May 4th, 2011 @7:28 pm  

Yes. I know married couples who have been accepted to the same universities. (Sometimes even to the same department!) If you apply to enough universities with programs in both areas you are likely to both get accepted somewhere.

Also….if one of you gets accepted to a school but the other does not, don’t immediately assume it’s over. You can talk to your point of contact at the university and mention your problem. For instance, if you got in to a school and your husband did not, if he were a borderline case they might be willing to accept him to get you to come. I had this offered to me at one university (without asking for it) when my fiance was not accepted (but we were both accepted elsewhere, and we went there).

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