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Lynn Said,
June 18th, 2010 @2:44 am  

Any school is good if it is challenging you and preparing you for the next step. It looks like you’re taking some very good and appropriate classes. You can definitely get college credits in high school by taking AP classes. Most colleges REQUIRE good SAT or ACT scores. I don’t live in FL, so i’m not sure about the FCAT. The courses you need to take really depend on your intended college major. For example, if you want a major in the medical field, you should take biology/science courses.

Maria Said,
June 18th, 2010 @3:29 am  

I am not sure in Florida. In Maryland, where I live and teach at a private school, In order for a student to get a diploma they have to pass the HSA’s (High School Assessments). Most colleges require the SAT or ACT be taken for admission. You can always take them on your own. You would just go to the SAT website and find out where and when you could sign up to take them. You can look now but you won’t take them until you are in 11th grade. There are two main ways to get college credit while you are still in High School, you can take AP classes if your school offers them or you can take early admittance classes at a local community college.

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