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Gracielacey Said,
January 12th, 2011 @8:32 pm  

I know many people who have received their MBA from an online/distance learning program and have good jobs, benefited from the degree, etc.

Talk to your current manager and see if your company has an education reimbursement program. Many companies do.

I hope that if you got a bachelors that you can spell correctly and know proper grammar. You don’t put a period before a question mark in a sentence. If you are asking a question, just use the question mark at the end.

mashuque s Said,
January 12th, 2011 @9:28 pm  

I think its only good for those who are already working and have acquired professional expertise in theire relevent field.
any ways you cant expect to get a huge pay package with great jobs to start with.

At the some time what matters is your competence and knowledge. so u r the best judge.

best of luck

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