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UB girl Said,
March 18th, 2011 @7:08 pm  

Pursuing your dream in education doesn’t mean that you have to be an academic. PhD doesn’t make you smarter but it surely gives you more ability and knowledge so you can do what you are passionate about. I thought the same way like you do now when I applied for my Phd in economic geography. At some point I feel no light at the end of the tunnel but I have never felt regret that I pursue my Phd. You can argue that you can read and learn by yourself and equip yourself with more ability and knowledge. It’s true, you can do that. But in Phd program, the most difficult part is your dissertation, which is your first unstructured research that you need to finish. When you still take courses, you write your researches but these researches are short and under the requirement and guideline of that course. But your dissertation is your own research, which you have so many things to put on and you don’t know how to structure them and put them all together. That’s the hardest part of Phd. and it requires you a great deal of patient and ability to focus. I am in this process now and admittedly being patient and staying focused are very challenging. there are some time that I couldn’t focus at all and I see that in any Phd friends of mine. We call that time a Phd disease. And only Phd program could provide you with this experience and I personnaly think it’s worth pursuing. I am in my mid 30s and I always joke with my friends and family that by the time I finish my Phd in term of age i am qualified to collect my pension.

Go for it! and you will find it not only helpful but also very rewarding. Good luck and don’t let the age put you off. I know a person in my school, he just got his Phd this May and he is 73. We can’t let this man beat us. In pursuing your goal, age is never matter, it is your passion.

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