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Hello!!!!!!!!! Said,
June 11th, 2011 @3:21 pm  

Hello! I am a graduate student writing this from my dorm right now. I am the same age as a 4th year traditional student. I’m only a few years older than the sophomores down the hall.

I was out of the country all summer and moving to an area for school that I didn’t know well yet. I didn’t want to worry about finding a landlord/room mate while I was abroad, so choosing a dorm was a great decision.

I’ve actually had good reception to being a grad here. Many of my suite mates are undergrads in my grad field. They are interested in grad study and ask me what it’s like, how many courses I am taking, what courses are they, and so on. I decided to choose a senior level student as my room mate. I am only 6 months older than her. We get along great. I get along great with the sophomore suite mates too. There is a difference between how we act, but not that much.

I’ve had a fabulous time living in the dorms. Having a meal plan is great because I don’t have to worry about allocating money for it. I live right on campus, which is perfect because my classes are at night and I don’t have a car. This was a fabulous decision to live in a dorm as a grad student, and people are usually happy to ask about my undergrad experience as well as what it took to get into my current program.

Best of luck to you :)

NOTE: Just do research and make sure you don’t pick a traditional freshman dorm. Usually universities will have nearby apartments or apartments for upperclassmen. My old university actually had graduate dorms.

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