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?! Said,
April 10th, 2011 @7:00 pm  

Usually, when you withdraw from a class, your transcript reads “W-passing” or “W-failing”. As long as you’re not failing the class when you withdraw, I don’t think it will count against you. People withdraw from classes for all sorts of reasons. The admissions committee shouldn’t hold it against you.

David Keisin Said,
April 10th, 2011 @7:25 pm  

Well, as far as I know about getting into Ivy League- it is not a particular mark or standing that will secure your admission, it is rather focus. The university does not care about people’s previous accomplishments but their passions, and it doesn’t really matter what that passion is, so long as it is real.

There are thousands of applicants who throng the admissions committee with a hope to get admitted into these elite institutions, out of which, only a few make it. Years of experience in interacting with the aspirants have enabled the AdCom to pick only those who really desire to learn more in their subjects.

Therefore, it is really important to focus on the endeavour that you wish to undertake in the Ivy League.

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