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boogeywoogy Said,
February 23rd, 2011 @6:36 pm  

As a speech pathology supervisor, I would never hire someone who has an online degree; bachelor’s, master’s, or otherwise.
An education gained on-campus is chock-full of the exchange of ideas from peers and many professionals who have various knowledge and skill sets You’ve got many brains to pick.
Speech therapy education requires a team effort, particularly in its early stages. (After graduation, the make-up of the team is composed of different professions)
Clinical experience on campus. Not only does one get practice in providing therapy to a wide range of patients/clients, one learns how to administer diagnostic testing under the direct supervision of a seasoned clinician. One can’t learn the subtleties of clinician behaviors associated with reliable and valid results online– it has to be direct supervision, either face-to-face or through a 2-way mirror. The same goes for intervention.
Without on-campus training, a student is unprepared for off-campus clinical experiences (usually in hospitals) required for the degree. Because of this, the speech pathologist in that setting who does the teaching must do so with a student clinician who has little to no clinical basics. Such teaching takes much dedication and sucks the teaching clinician’s time away from billable hours (typically, speech is expected to stack up 80% of the work day with billable time). We have a better chance of keeping up with our own responsibilities if the student has clinical experience. The same is true for a poorly prepared Clinical Fellow; it’s a waste of everyone’s time.

For the best programs, Google “top speech pathology programs”
Check out, too.

Madeline Said,
February 23rd, 2011 @6:59 pm  

I’m in a speech path program and I can’t imagine doing this online. Like the first answerer said you often feel like asking supervisors and peers questions. Also, they make sure you get experience with a variety of types of clients on-campus and off-campus, which helps you to feel more prepared for when you go off and start a job. I have talked to some girls who got hired for a job, and once they got their, they didn’t have a direct boss or anyone to bounce ideas off, they were just told: ok here’s your nursing home caseload and a couple tests, do your thing. etc. Hope that helped.
Oh yeah, and I’ve heard the best schools are university of wisconsin, madison and university of iowa. but here’s a list

Future SLP Said,
February 23rd, 2011 @7:43 pm  

I wasn’t even aware that you could receive a masters in SLP through online work…

Anyways, the only way to earn a masters in this field should be through an accredited university ON campus. Class discussions, interactions, etc. cannot be done over the Internet. Would you trust a doctor or physical therapist who received an online degree? I know I wouldn’t. This is an allied healthcare field, and just doing online readings and submitting homework via email is not the way to approach it.

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