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Anna P Said,
January 6th, 2011 @6:24 pm  

No, it is in academics that it is the kiss of death (same school for BA/BS and PhD). Most employers don’t care, as long as the required courses are there. Of course, the better the school, the better your chances.

eri Said,
January 6th, 2011 @7:02 pm  

It’s definitely not death, but it’s generally not considered a good idea. You’re supposed to get out more, learn from new people, get new ideas, etc. Staying in the same place can mean one of two things – that you narrowed down your field already to such a specific topic that you could only work with the people at your current school, or that you couldn’t get into any other grad programs and they took pity on you. Since it’s usually the latter, yeah, you should go somewhere else – but this is much more of an issue for someone getting a PhD than someone getting a masters.

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