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holymoley Said,
January 10th, 2011 @11:00 am  

you can retake TOEFL so if you get a low score, you can try again..

but there is a limit on taking the test per year.

cimarch Said,
January 10th, 2011 @11:34 am  

It makes no difference, score from each taking are separate.

When I was teaching in China a lot of my students had taken tests before and gotten low scores. After my classes they took tests again and their higher scores meant they got into Universities in other countries.

BUT, if you have taken the test before and got a high score you will lose it by taking the test again, it is only the last score that counts.

funlovingacrobat Said,
January 10th, 2011 @12:22 pm  

Would not like to sound pessimistic but you sound like an idiot.
you know exactly wht you have to do and you’re not doing it and asking advice from focused people whether it would affect your next exams
Ma advice get off your behind and start putting in some effort wht do you have to loose nuttin but your dignity and the fact that it would not have any effect on your grades the next year does not mean it would not have on your self esteem. take ma advice and study for it as its the last paper you would ever take yeah. good luck

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